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Awards Announced in Union’s Writing Contest

The Union’s writing contest is an annual competition that awards cash prizes and bragging rights to high school students whose parents are members of the Hotel Trades Council and/or Local 6. Since its inception, the contest has revealed that there are many talented and intelligent young adults in our union’s family. The 2019 contest was no different. Like its predecessors, this year’s writing competition provided solid evidence that there are a lot of bright and creative students in grades 10 through 12.

The Story Behind the GRIWA

When HTC’s jurisdiction was expanded in 2010, it inherited hotels with weak contracts, low wages and benefits, and workers who were not impressed by the union representation they were receiving. After several difficult contract fights to improve upon these poor conditions, HTC set out with a plan to imitate the success that HTC has achieved in New York City by organizing more hotels to expand union density and by establishing a new master contract for the region similar to the IWA in New York City.

Don’t Be Fooled!

If someone approaches you, including someone who claims to be affiliated with the Union, and offers to help you find a unionized hotel job in exchange for money, it is a scam. DO NOT give them anything! The Union’s job referral service is free and hotels are prohibited by the IWA, the Union’s contract, from requiring (or even requesting) any “charge or fee” from job applicants.

HTC was first – now the panic button idea is catching on

One of the occupational hazards that hotel workers in certain job classifications (especially in housekeeping and room service) face is the reality that their duties require them to enter isolated locked guest rooms by themselves, and that some hotel guests inside may have malevolent intentions.

New Health Center to Be Built in Queens!

When our union was negotiating the 2012 contract we secured agreement from the Hotel Association to build a new Health Center in Brooklyn. But in addition to that we also secured a strong financial commitment to renovate and expand the Queens Health Center. Since then, things have changed. Yes, the new Brooklyn Health Center was built and, quite frankly, it has been praised by people from all corners of the healthcare industry. But we are not renovating the current Queens Health Center. Instead, we are happy to report, we are going to be building an entire new facility right next door to the current Queens Health Center. When completed, it will be as ambitious in scope, as accommodating in space, as dramatic in design, and as advanced in service and treatment as the new Brooklyn Health Center, and it will even incorporate some new ideas.

A Game-Changer: The HTC Contract At Rivers Casino

The newly signed first union contract between HTC and Rivers Casino & Resort is a game-changer for 800 workers and their families. It will significantly improve their standard of living and their lives at work and vastly multiply their legal rights.

HTC and the Little Rock Nine

“This year marks the 60th anniversary of our union honoring the Little Rock Nine — a group of incredibly brave students who were the center of the battle to desegregate Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, and who even today serve as an enduring symbol of the courage and resolve of the civil rights movement and the fight for equality.”

Those were the words of Hotel Trades Council President Peter Ward, on Tuesday, June 12, when the ties between our union and the Little Rock Nine officially spanned 60 years at a luncheon held in Gallagher’s Steak House.

Del Lago Casino Workers Win Contract

HTC has won a contract for the nearly 1,000 union-represented employees at del Lago Resort and Casino in Waterloo, NY. The casino signed onto the Greater Regional Industry Wide Agreement, or GRIWA, which is the HTC contract for the region. At the ratification, union representatives, including, lawyers, business agents and organizers, met with workers to review the contract in detail, in order to allow employees to cast their vote in an informed and democratic manner.       

Union Victory! HTC wins a contract at the Hilton Albany

After a four-month long boycott and picket line, HTC has won a contract for the 146 workers at the Hilton Albany hotel.

Union Wins Contract at Westin Jersey City Hotel

The Union has won a contract for the employees at the Westin Jersey City. The hotel signed on to the Greater Regional Industry Wide Agreement, or GRIWA, which is the HTC contract for the area.

HTC, Local 6 and UNITE HERE Join in Relief Effort in Puerto Rico

After Hurricane Maria rampaged across Puerto Rico on September 20, leaving an unimaginable trail of destruction, HTC, Local 6 and UNITE HERE joined in a relief effort to assist members of the hotel union there, Local 610.

Women’s Health Week Wins Praise from Members

Almost 5,000 members participated in the recent Women’s Health Week — focusing on good health by eating well and getting plenty of exercise.

New York State Paid Family Leave Begins January 1, 2018

HTC members employed in New York State are eligible for a new law providing paid family leave beginning January 1, 2018.

Members, Elected Officials Speak Out Against Airbnb

At a press conference, Councilmember Ritchie Torres described Airbnb as the “worst company in New York City,” saying there is no other company that “undercuts affordability and job quality and public safety on the sweeping scale of Airbnb.”

Children’s Holiday Party Registration

The union will be registering children for its holiday party from now until Monday, November 27. Don’t let your children miss out on this festive, fun-filled event, which happens to also be a happy holiday treat for the parents who attend!

Union Wins Contract at Hilton Newark Airport Hotel

After tough negotiations with both hotel ownership and the Hilton corporation, the hotel eventually signed onto the Greater Regional Industry Wide Agreement, which is the HTC contract for the area.

Hotel Workers Walkathon Raises Cash for City Harvest

Many hungry New Yorkers—and hurricane victims in Puerto Rico—will benefit because of the caring effort of hundreds of New York City hotel industry employees on Sunday, October 1.

Union Wins $250,000 in Back Pay at Resorts World

Nearly 100 workers at Resorts World Casino shared in the distribution of the $250,000 in back pay.

HTC Wins Contract For Candlewood Suites Nanuet Employees

HTC has won a contract for the Front Desk, Housekeeping, Driver and Maintenance employees at the Candlewood Suites Nanuet. Union employees are now covered by the Greater Regional Industry Wide Agreement and has also agreed to the successor GRIWA negotiated by the Union.

Crain’s: Primary night winners and losers

"The 32,000-member [Hotel Trades Council] is a fraction the size of more prominent labor organizations 1199 SEIU or 32BJ SEIU, but punches well above its weight thanks to an efficient and aggressive political arm. All 26 council candidates it endorsed triumphed Tuesday night, roughly half of them in competitive contests."