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Americans at Work Video

This video was part of a series called "Americans at Work", which was produced by the AFL-CIO between 1958 and 1960. "HOTEL AND RESTAURANT WORKERS" features members of our union at work in the banquet department of the Waldorf=Astoria, one of the most famous hotels in the world.

Americans at Work: Hotel and Restaurant Workers 1958 - 1969 (Video)

This video was part of a series called "Americans at Work", which was produced by the AFL-CIO between 1958 and 1960. "HOTEL AND RESTAURANT WORKERS" features members of our union at work in the banquet department of the Waldorf=Astoria, one of the most famous hotels in the world.

An outpouring of love and gratitude for former President Peter Ward

Many members have contacted us to thank Former President Peter Ward for his 41 years of service to our Union and wish him well in his retirement.

We encourage any member who wants to, to send a thank you video to photos@nyhtc.org. You can also mail a handwritten note.

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The True Heroes are Working People

April 17, 2020 10:15 AM

As is always the case during natural disasters, tragedies and other horrifying events, the true heroes are working people. Workers put their lives on the line and risk it all. They show courage and have unbelievable stamina. Workers always get us past it. Workers are literally, the unsung heroes.

This is expressed beautifully in this video from England. To watch, click here.

Christine Quinn Accompanies HTC Member on Her Commute

On July 22nd, HTC member and Staten Island resident Yanela Tamayo was accompanied by Christine Quinn during her nearly 2 hour commute into Manhattan, highlighting the difficulties faced by many outer borough commuters.

“Tavern” fixtures to hit the auction block

A piece of New York City history will soon be on the auction block.

New website to promote luxury travel destinations, including NYC

A new website encouraging travel among affluent consumers has launched despite the grim economy.

A Message from Union President Peter Ward

April 6, 2020 7:00 PM

"What should the union do at a time like this? And it seems as a person and the leader of the union, it’s really quite simple. One, we have to protect our membership, protect them by providing them with healthcare and security when they're not at work and create a better environment for them when they are at work during this crisis. Second thing, is to preserve the union as an institution. Despite the fact that we are going to go through an enormous economic upheaval and that the future of our industry is, to some degree, uncertain, our job is to preserve the institution so that it continues to protect hotel workers and provide that unique bubble that Hotel Trades Council members live in as employees of hotels. And then finally, contribute. Contribute to the community, contribute to solutions, contribute to things that make the problem better instead of worse.” Watch the video here...

Watch interview with HTC President Peter Ward about Resorts World contract

The recently announced contract between HTC and Resorts World Casino has been lauded by many, including Mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio and NY AFL-CIO President Mario Cilento. The contract has also been called "an absolute victory, and a testament to the Labor Movement’s ability to fight to ensure that all working families have the wages, protections and tools necessary to grow and thrive in New York City" by Vincent Alvarez, President of the New York City Central Labor Council.

Peter Ward Speaks on New Airbnb Legislation

HTC President Peter Ward spoke on NY1's Inside City Hall, days after Governor Cuomo signed a new law making it illegal to advertise illegal short-term apartment rentals on websites like Airbnb.

Tavern on the Green closes

The world-famous restaurant Tavern on the Green served its last meals under the LeRoy management to guests on New Year's Eve. Even amidst the revelry, both guests and the union members who served them recognized the poignance of the occasion.

Three years later Haiti still struggles to recover from earthquake

Three years after a tragic earthquake struck Haiti, the New York Hotel Trades Council remembers and mourns the estimated 250,000 people who lost their lives and the 300,000 people who were injured as a result of the horrific earthquake.

Luisito Izar, Lotte New York Palace

The Union is mourning the loss of our brother Luisito Izar, a floor supervisor at the Lotte New York Palace for almost 16 years, who passed away on April 11th. Luisito had been a union member since 1992 when he started out as a houseman at the London before moving on to the Palace. He was 63. 

Read the full tribute to Luisito here. 

NY unions stand up to political attacks on workers’ pensions

State and local politicians in New York seem unwilling to recognize that Wall Street and corporate executives, not government workers, are to blame for the budget deficits the politicians must now confront. This is no surprise; their counterparts in a number of other states are also behaving as if the pension benefits of government workers are solely responsible for their states' budgetary difficulties.

Deduct Your Union Dues From Your New York State Income Taxes

Thanks to legislation signed by Governor Cuomo, union members can now deduct their union dues in full from their New York State income taxes. In order to take advantage of this new law, union members must itemize their deductions on their New York State tax filings.

Governor Cuomo signed the law in our Union auditorium on May 5, 2017 alongside HTC President Peter Ward, and hundreds of cheering HTC members. It was an important demonstration of the Governor's commitment to the Labor Movement, and a clear recognition of HTC as one of the most politically important Unions in the state.

Obama addresses AFL-CIO on Labor Day

The entire eight years former president George W. Bush was in office, unions were systematically shut out of the White House and corporate interests took the reigns of the Department of Labor.

HTC was first – now the panic button idea is catching on

One of the occupational hazards that hotel workers in certain job classifications (especially in housekeeping and room service) face is the reality that their duties require them to enter isolated locked guest rooms by themselves, and that some hotel guests inside may have malevolent intentions.

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