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Members and Their Families Loved Kids Days 2017

Hotel Voice - September 12, 2017 Share/Save/Bookmark

After weeks of preparation, the staffs at the Health and Dental Centers could all take pride in the fact that Kids Days 2017 lived up to the success of its predecessors. Here are some of the children (and parents!) who attended Kids Days 2017 at the Queens Health Center on August 25.

There were plenty of medical and dental visits recorded at the union’s Health and Dental Centers for Kids Days 2017. The strong attendance provided ample evidence once again that members recognize the huge value of this event and all the other annual health awareness events.

There is little doubt that Kids Days is one of the most popular occasions on the union’s calendar. And that’s good news because in addition to the great fun it provides it is also is a source of very valuable health education for parents and children alike.  

This year, the theme for Kids Days was “Building a Healthy Future.” In recognition of this the Health and Dental Centers concentrated on several areas of health education:

We should add that there were other great health tips passed along, including brushing one’s teeth twice a day and keeping sugar out of one’s diet.
Visitors to Kids Days 2017 found cool gift bags and took part in raffles with useful prizes. As always, the staff members at each of the Health and Dental Centers went all out to make Kids Days the big success that it was. There were lots of games available, too, as once again many parents found that Kids Days is probably the best possible way to introduce children to doctors and dentists. In addition, Kids Days 2017 did a superb job teaching children the importance of taking care of themselves, while doing so in a very relaxed and very entertaining atmosphere.

There were other important features of Kids Days 2017. Once again parents were able to bring in health paperwork needed for the school year and have it taken care of by Health Centers staff members. Many children had their height and weight checked, had their eyesight and hearing checked, or had other tests performed. There were opportunities to learn important nutritional information. Health screenings were performed. All in all, a good education on health was provided to children at a time in their lives when it is sure to make a strong and permanent impact.

The most important goal of Kids Days was also reached. That goal is to make children feel comfortable and secure with doctors and dentists; and hundreds and hundreds of smiles showed the great success in achieving that aim. As we have reported often, the feeling of trust that develops between children and medical and/or dental personnel on Kids Days often has benefits that can last a lifetime. Too often, adults are reluctant to have medical or dental check-ups because they remember that they found these experiences painful or uncomfortable when they were children. Kids Days 2017 helped ensure that our members’ children will view visits to doctors and dentists far differently, both now and in the future.

And once again young children were not the only visitors to Kids Days 2017 that found the experience both fun and educational. More than a few parents told Hotel Voice they were having a great time at the event as well.

After weeks of preparation, the staffs at the Health and Dental Centers could all take pride in the fact that Kids Days 2017 lived up to the success of its predecessors, providing fun for the whole family while performing a valuable health service for all.