Francisco Espinal, Radisson JFK

The Union is sad to announce that Francisco Adriano Espinal, an Engineer at the Radisson JFK, has passed away. 

Francisco was a member of Local 94 and an Engineer at the Radisson JFK since 2001. He was working with the hopes of providing his three children with a better future. 

Nahud “Coco” Rosado worked side by side with Francisco at the Radisson JFK for nearly 20 years. “Francisco used to tell everyone he was my ‘tio’ and he truly treated me like family,” recalls Coco. “When I got surgery a few years back, it was Francisco who took me back and forth to the hospital. He was always taking care of his family, friends, and coworkers first. I am really going to miss him.” 

Rafael Ventura, who worked with Francisco for 18 years, echoed the fact that Francisco was someone who always put others' needs first. “Francisco was the type of friend who would arrange his own schedule so that he could drive me to work so that I wouldn’t have to wake up early to commute on the trains. He would include me in family events, and when his wife cooked he would bring in leftovers for me at lunch. He was selfless. And he did it all with a smile. If any of us were tense or stressed about something on the job, Francisco would tell a joke or a story to relieve your tension. And if he could help you, he always would. He taught me a lot at work. I thank God for having had him as a friend all these years and for all those car rides to work listening to los boleros and seeing his smile.”

Andres Perez, Francisco’s delegate, remembers Francisco as a wonderful person, “Francisco was kind and had a good heart. I am sad that the Lord had to take him away from us. He will be missed by everyone at the hotel.”

The Espinal family shares, “Francisco was a family man, wonderful father, and husband, very hard working, loving and caring. His colleagues were like a second family to him, he was always looking out for them. He had a big heart, and appreciated everyone. He meant so much to us and he has made us so proud of who he was as a person. It’s been a big loss for family and friends but he left a beautiful mark on our hearts, unforgettable memories and that’s what will continue to live on.”