Errol Whittaker Sr., New York Hilton

Our Union is saddened to announce the passing of our longtime brother Errol Whittaker. He worked as a painter for over 40 years, starting his career at the Milford Plaza (now Row NYC), before serving as President of Local 1422, and most recently working at the New York Hilton.

Errol was born in Kingston, Jamaica and came to Brooklyn, New York as a young man. Humble and quiet, Errol never liked to argue and refused to curse, instead using language like “son of a Brooklyn bridge” and “mother-flower.” He loved to cook his island cuisine. A dedicated member of Bedford Central Church, Errol did the audio ministry for over 20 years.

Dolores Jenkins Whittaker, his wife of many years and a room attendant at the Row NYC and the Ritz-Carlton Central Park, remembered her husband fondly. “He was always going out of his way to do things for other people. He will be sadly missed. I really loved him but I know God loves him better. I think about him everyday.”

Darren Capra, his delegate and friend at the New York Hilton, recalled how much he enjoyed working with Errol. “He was a real team player, and always willing to help his coworkers. He was so pleasant and liked to laugh. I know we will all miss working with him.”

John Ruben, Chief Operations Officer at the Union, remembers Errol from when he served on the HTC Executive Board while Local 1422 President. “Errol was really such a gentleman, and he possessed a sweet and calming presence. I can still picture him in the conference room where the board meetings were held. He had a magical smile that just made you feel good.”

Declan Tracey, the current president of 1422, shared his memories of Errol. “He had a kind heart and gentle demeanor. Errol got along well with everyone he worked with. We will miss him at 1422.”

Errol is survived by his children, grandchildren, wife, and siblings.