Delali Bansa, St. Regis

The Union is saddened to announce that Delali Bansa, an overnight steward at the St. Regis Hotel since 1991, has passed away.

Delali was a pastor at the Living Gospel Ministry Church in the Highbridge section of the Bronx for over two decades. His coworker of nearly 30 years, Teddy Osei Bonsu, remembers Delali as a very kind man and devout Christian. “Delali was a strong, faithful man and a good friend. He gave many of us comfort and support on the job. Whenever one of our coworkers was going through something difficult, Delali would take us aside and pray for us.”

Delali is survived by his wife and two daughters. His daughter, Charity, describes Delali as a very active father. “My dad was very involved in our education growing up. He pushed my sister and me to work hard in school. He inspired us and because of his dedication, I’m currently in the process of getting my degree to become a school teacher. We will miss him very much.”