NJ Unemployment Link and Union Survey

During the coronavirus crisis, record numbers of people have applied for unemployment benefits, which has led to a number of technical issues as states try to process a huge increase in weekly claims.  

We want to know how many of our members who work in New Jersey are having trouble getting their unemployment benefits processed. We plan to use the information we are getting from our membership to communicate with the state of New Jersey so they can continue to make improvements.

1. If you have not already attempted to file and have been laid off, go to New Jersey’s State Unemployment Link:


2. Come back and complete this Union Survey:

Please fill out this form to let us know if you were able or not to get through and file your unemployment claim. We plan to use this information to communicate with the state so they can continue to make any necessary improvements. Please include your contact information, so we can reach you if we need to ask you additional questions.