Can I receive payment for my paid time off to extend my healthcare?

September 25, 2020, 2:46 PM

Before this pandemic, under the long-standing rules of the Industry-Wide Benefit Plan, covered employees were eligible for healthcare if they worked enough hours (functions in the case of banquet servers) or as part of a severance package. Laid off workers were generally  not eligible and payment of accrued time off typically did not extend their eligibility for healthcare.

However, to meet this emergency, on August 25th, HTC President Rich Maroko convened a special meeting of the trustees of the Funds and convinced the trustees to amend the plan so that payment of paid time off would extend healthcare coverage. The trustees also approved a temporary plan that allows the workers we represent to maintain partial healthcare coverage.

This option will be available to HTC-represented workers who participate in the Industry Wide Benefit Funds and lose coverage in the months ahead. To read more about this new option, and the other alternative health care options that will be available for you and your family when you lose coverage including purchasing COBRA, applying for a publicly subsidized healthcare plan, or purchasing a plan through a private insurer, click here.