Support labor activist fighting for human rights in Thailand

NYHTC — May 01, 2013

Thai Fruit Processor, Natural Fruit Company Ltd, filed criminal and civil lawsuits against British Labor Activists, Andy Hall, after a report, which he worked on, detailing the company's alleged human rights violations was published. Natural Fruit Ltd. is claiming that the report, which exposed child labor, among many other rights violations, defamed the company by "broadcasting false statements to the public media."

If convicted, Hall would face 7 years in prison per count and a fine of 7.7 million Euros., a well-regarded website that covers workers and their global fight to unionize, aptly called the lawsuits the Natural Fruit Company Ltd, has brought against Andy Hall, "malicious and aggressive." The charges are likely retaliatory in nature and part of Natural Fruit Company Ltd's attempt to intimidate the international community and the employees into silence.

Support Andy Hall by telling the Thai government to initiate an independent audit of Natural Fruit Company Ltd. Sign the petition here.

Thailand: Drop the charges against labour rights activist. ActNOW: A LabourStart Campaign.