Our Union Fights for Affordable Child Care

March 28, 2023 7:58 PM

As part of our vision for the next evolution of our Union, we are working to expand the ways our Union helps members beyond representing them on the job. One of the major priorities is to help our members deal with the skyrocketing cost of child care. Child care is an absolute necessity for thousands of our members and right now, it is shockingly expensive.

We are attacking this problem from multiple fronts. At the bargaining table, we are negotiating for new language in our open contracts in Upstate New York and New Jersey that will help our members afford child care. We are also deploying our political power to fight for legislation and more funding for public childcare subsidies for working parents. Right now, our Union is using its power in Albany to advocate to expand eligibility for these childcare subsidies, so that more New Yorkers – including more HTC members – can qualify for these important state and federal funds. As we publish this article, our political staff are in Albany, engaging with elected officials and pushing to expand subsidies.

This is just the start. Accessing affordable and high-quality child care has been a hardship for working parents for many years, and it is going to take a lot of effort and time to address this issue.

Is child care an issue for you? Let us know.

Please take our Union’s brief survey to let us know how you and your family navigate child care. Your answers will only be shared with the appropriate Union staff and will help arm us as we fight at the negotiating table and in the State Capital.



Note: Currently, there are income limits to be able to access public child care vouchers. We want to increase those limits, so knowing your household income will inform us during this effort.



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