Our union and health benefits featured in The American Prospect

NYHTC — February 08, 2012

Robert Kuttner, who is co-founder and co-editor of The American Prospect magazine and a distinguished senior fellow at Demos, wrote two glowing articles for the November 2011 issue of the magazine about our union and our benefit funds' health care plan. "A Model of Health", about our members' health care, puts both the quality and comprehensiveness of the care, and its cost-effectiveness, in sharp contrast with trends around the country. "A More Perfect Union", about the New York Hotel Trades Council and our strategic long-term vision and accomplishments, also shows how exceptional our union and contract is in a national context. All members should feel proud that our union has garnered this recognition, and that people around the country and around the world are reading about us and what we've built in New York City. Read both stories online:

Kuttner, Robert. A Model of Health. The American Prospect. November 7, 2011.

Kuttner, Robert. A More Perfect Union. The American Prospect. November, 28, 2011.