Our new industry-wide contract makes national news

NYHTC — February 07, 2012

Many news sources including the New York Times, the New York Daily News and the Huffington Post ran stories about our union's new Industry Wide Agreement. The New York Times ran an article on the front page of the paper on February 8th, 2012, and the New York Daily News published both an article by Juan Gonzalez and an editorial on February 10th, 2012.

The articles focus on the impressive economics of the agreement, especially salaries for room attendants, in the national context of declining wages and increased income inequality. They also discuss some of the agreement's new provisions, including one that requires employers to equip hotel staff assigned to enter guest rooms with panic buttons.

See links to the full stories bellow:

Editorials. A mint on their pillows. The New York Daily News. February 10, 2012.

Gonzalez, Juan. Great deal for hotel workers. The New York Daily News. February 10, 2012.

Kuttner, Robert. Saving the Middle Class. The Huffington Post. February 12, 2012.

McGeehan, Patrick. For New York Hotel Staff, Panic Buttons and Big Raises. The New York Times. February 7, 2012.

Newman, Nathan. Why Shouldn't Housekeepers Make $60,000 Per Year? The Huffington Post. February 14, 2012.