NYC Unions Combine Forces to Elect Pro-Worker Majority to City Council in 2021

February 9, 2021 12:21 PM

This year, New Yorkers will elect the next City Council, borough presidents, and mayor. These local elected officials will be in charge of New York City’s economic recovery from COVID-19. Many of these races are competitive and it’s critical that we elect individuals who will prioritize the problems faced by New York City workers in the months and years ahead.

As part of our efforts, our Union has joined forces with four other powerful local unions – SEIU 32BJ, Communications Workers of America District 1, District Council 37, and the New York State Nurses Association – to elect a slate of pro-worker and pro-union candidates. Together our coalition – known as Labor Strong 2021 – represents over 360,000 union workers in New York City. By voting as a block and mobilizing our membership and their communities, we hope to elect individuals who will put the needs of workers and their communities ahead of the real estate industry and wealthy business interests as the City’s economy recovers. On January 27th, together with Labor Strong 2021, we endorsed 31 candidates for City Council. Watch President Maroko's remarks on the coalition here.

The key to our Union’s political power has been our active and engaged membership. Thousands of you have phone banked and knocked on doors to get out the vote for pro-union candidates in past election cycles. This year, we need you to do even more. If you're interested in volunteering to build your Union's political power during the 2021 elections and attending upcoming political trainings, sign up here.

Check out our 2021 endorsements here