November Midterms - It's Payback Time!

Working people — including thousands of our members — found themselves in devastating and unimaginable circumstances during the pandemic. In a remarkable effort, many of our representatives in Congress fought to pass laws that actually helped: that gave workers $600-a-week in additional unemployment benefits for the first-year-and-a-half of this crisis, delivered thousands of dollars in stimulus checks to everyday people, provided billions of dollars in funding for emergency housing relief, a national vaccination program, and state and local governments, and paid for six months of free health insurance coverage in 2021 — shortly after our Union’s 8-month healthcare extension ended. Their efforts quite literally kept millions of working class people across our country — including many of our members — from going hungry, losing their homes, and losing their healthcare at a time when thousands were dying each day from COVID-19.

But other officials — including a handful in New York and New Jersey — voted against these relief programs and shot down legislation that would have gone further to help workers and middle class families.

The time has come to pay them back — with the same treatment they paid us during this crisis. Before you cast your vote in the midterm elections on November 8th, take a look at your representative’s voting record on the most critical relief bills.