Here to Help: New Health Center Concierges

Hotel Voice, Spring 2023

We are constantly striving to improve our members’ healthcare. Members’ Experience Associates — new Health Center Concierges — are here to help members navigate the system and fix problems.

Six months ago, the Queens Health Center introduced a new staff position, the “Members’ Experience Associate.” The role, which gives members an easy, one-stop point of contact for questions, concerns, and feedback, was an instant success. Shortly afterwards, a Members’ Experience Associate was hired for Midtown and Brooklyn, and the Harlem Health Center is slated to create the same position in late 2023.

What does my Members’ Experience Associate do?

When it comes to your health, nothing should slip through the cracks. The Members’ Experience Associate is a role created to ensure that patients have a place to go to understand all of the resources available to them. “I’m a Concierge,” says Reynold, the first Members’ Experience Associate hired by the Benefit Funds. “My job is to attend to members’ needs.”

Members’ Experience Associates are equipped to act as liaisons between various branches of the Health Centers. Reynold sees his role as the center of two-way education. The Members’ Experience Associate helps give members a better understanding of how each department operates, and gives the Health Center a better understanding of routine issues that patients are experiencing.

What can my Members’ Experience Associate help me with?

Your Members’ Experience Associate is a first stop for matters including appointment delays, referral issues, billing questions, help using your online patient portal, or feedback about providers, staff, or operational policies. Your Members’ Experience Associate can inform you about what to expect when you’re seeking care, and can take action if there’s something that’s not meeting your expectations.

What does my Members’ Experience Associate recommend to receive the best possible care?

Your Members’ Health Associates put together some advice on how to navigate the Health Centers:

  • Always check out with the Registration Desk Clerk in the department you received services before leaving the building– it’s the best way to schedule a follow-up appointment.
  • When in doubt, ask questions to your Members’ Experience Associate. They can usually help find a solution that works for you.

    Who is my Members’ Experience Associate? How can I contact them?

    Members’ Experience Associates have walk-in hours, Monday-Friday from 9AM - 5PM.

    Members’ Experience Associate:

    Reynold Hoyte-Gibbs

    (718) 606-3863, ext. 3117

    [email protected]

    Reynold’s office is on the ground floor, to the right upon entering.

    Members’ Experience Associate:

    Steven Mercado

    (718) 606-3863, ext. 2223

    [email protected]

    Steven’s office will be located on the third floor, next to the Administrator’s office.

    Members’ Experience Associate:

    Amina Rogers

    (718) 606-3863, ext. 5279

    [email protected]

    Amina’s office will be located on the 3rd floor, behind the Specialty Area.

    Harlem Members’ Experience Associate: Coming soon!