GOP Pushes Restrictive Voter ID Laws

NYHTC — August 01, 2013

As published by the Huffington Post, North Carolina lawmakers passed a restrictive voter ID bill which threatens to disenfranchise many eligible voters in the political battleground state. In addition to imposing strict ID requirements, the law also prohibits same-day voter registration, cuts high school civics programs, and prohibits straight-ticket voting. What is the justification for such a restrictive voter ID law? The GOP has long been claiming that voter ID laws of this kind are a defense against voter fraud. However the GOP has yet to present compelling evidence of voter fraud in North Carolina or any other state.
This bill will affect around 300,000 eligible voters in North Carolina. Many of those affected are either elderly or low-income minorities, the very people that the GOP knows are most likely to vote Democrat.

North Carolina Voter ID Bill Passes In State’s GOP-Dominated House. Huffington Post.  July 25, 2013.