Fighting for Affordable Child Care

July 7, 2023 12:37 PM

For working parents, child care is an absolute necessity. Without it, holding down a full-time job is nearly impossible. Unfortunately, the cost of child care today is shockingly high and access is increasingly challenging.

Our Union is working to make child care affordable and more accessible for our members – through contract negotiations, legislation, and partnerships with other non-profits and coalition groups. There aren’t any simple, quick solutions. This effort will take time and all the tools at our disposal.

If you’re a union parent, we are asking you to fill out this short, five-minute survey. The results will help us understand how child care issues are currently affecting our members and inform how we develop solutions. Thank you. 

Is child care an issue for you? Let us know.

Section 1: About You

Section 2: Paying for Child Care

Section 3: Access and Reliability

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Section 4: Your Job and Household Income

Note: Currently, there are income limits to be able to access public childcare vouchers. We want to increase those limits, so knowing your household income will inform us during this effort.