Don't Be Fooled!

Hotel Voice, Summer 2023

Be Aware of Hotel-Job Scammers!

If someone approaches you — including someone who claims to be affiliated with the Union — and offers to help you find a unionized hotel job in exchange for money, it is a scam. DO NOT give them anything! The Union’s job referral service is free and hotels are prohibited by our Union’s contracts from requiring or requesting any “charge or fee” from job applicants.

If you need help looking for a job, contact the Union’s Hiring Enforcement Office, located at 707 Eighth Avenue or call (212) 957-8000.

If someone asks you for money in exchange for a union job – whether they are or claim to be affiliated with the Union, a hotel, or anyone else – please report it immediately to the Union’s Legal Department by emailing [email protected]

For anyone considering trying to take advantage of job seekers, be advised that the Union has previously referred such cases to the District Attorney’s Office for criminal prosecution and will not hesitate to do so again.