Workers at IKEA Turkey fight to unionize

NYHTC — January 06, 2013

One of Turkey's largest unions, KOOP-İŞ, is protesting IKEA Turkey's "intimidation and dismissal of workers" and repeated refusal to grant union recognition. Of the 43 countries in which Ikea operates, IKEA Turkey is the only branch that employs non-union workers. Although IKEA Turkey's parent corporation claims that IKEA Turkey is "largely independent," IKEA and their internationally recognized brand certainly has a lot to lose if IKEA Turkey's labor dispute is not resolved. According to The Wall Street Journal, IKEA global management has demanded that IKEA Turkey meet worker demands.

Pathetically, Mapa Mobilya, the Turkish furniture group that manages IKEA Turkey, is attempting to defend its union busting by claiming it is only subject to weak Turkish, and not Swedish, labor regulations.

KOOP-İŞ demands include wages starting at TL 1,200 (674.31 USD) a month, two yearly bonuses and compensation for food and uniform expenses. KOOP-İŞ expects to plan more protests in the coming weeks if the issue continues to go unresolved.

IKEA supports workers in Turkish union row.Today's Zaman. December 23, 2012.

Homepage image courtesy of International Transport Worker's Federation