Show Business Weekly reviews Aching Dogs production

New York Show Business Weekly — May 24, 2010

Excerpt from Show Business Weekly:



Whether single or married, everyone can remember the trials and tribulations of the dating scene. With great humor, writer and director Don Creedon captures all the lows of looking for a long-term relationship in the comedy Guy Walks Into a Bar. The action centers on Joe, a 30-something Everyman whose confidence has been badly shaken by the breakup of his marriage, as he attempts to get back into the game.

As Joe, Walter Michael DeForest heads up the perfectly cast three-man ensemble. We follow him in four scenes, all set in New York City bars, as he experiments with Internet dating, an affair with a married woman, speed dating and ladies' night. In each situation, he encounters a different pair of guys, played with impeccable comic timing by Bill Rutkoski and Wayne Stills.

In the photograph to the right, HTC Members Nina Rochelle (Helmsley Park Lane) and Mike Rutkoski (Sheraton Manhattan) play an eclectic couple in a different Aching Dogs production: Frederick Stroppels' The Searcher.