Paladino’s campaign admits to lie about his army service

NYHTC — October 30, 2010

Last month, Carl Paladino's campaign manager, Michael Caputo, told Huffington Post editor Dan Collins that Paladino spent "'six months active duty with orders for Vietnam'" and was "'responsible for training 250 men during that time at Fort Bliss.'"

Official records obtained by the New York Post revealed Paladino had been on active duty for only three months, when training as a new officer at Fort Bliss in Texas. A former senior Fort Bliss officer reviewed Paladino's military record and called his claims of command "'a fraud.'"

Since the revelation, Caputo admitted he "'misspoke'" and that Paladino did not train anyone during the three months (not six) he was on active duty.

Dicker, Fredric U. 'Commander' Carl's Army claims a crock. New York Post. October 25, 2010.