Paladino takes back his touted radical budget cut plan

NYHTC — October 30, 2010

One of the primary tenets of Carl Paladino's campaign for governor has been his plan to fix New York State's budget problems: a 20 percent spending cut, paired with a 10 percent tax cut. Newsday reported, in an article the Boston Herald picked up, that the millionaire real estate developer told reporters his original plan was "unrealistic" and, according to experts, would take 18 months to two years to implement.

His campaign website was recently changed to reflect this new position, which still doesn't quite add up. According to the article, his 10 percent tax cut would add $6 billion to the state's budget gap, and his new plan is to cut $7 billion in spending, leaving the budget in close to the same place.

Amon, Michael. Paladino: My 20% spending cut plan was unrealistic. Boston Herald. October 26, 2010.