New trend in new hotel development

NYHTC — November 16, 2010

An Agence France-Presse story in The Vancouver Sun discussed the growing number of "Pod" hotels, such as Manhattan's The Jane and The Pod Hotel. Inspired by the Japanese "capsule" hotels, they have been gaining popularity in New York City since The Pod opened in 2007. Investors like them; since they are not service oriented, their operating costs are low and enable investors to realize high returns.

Room sizes range from 50 to 130 square feet, with prices between (at the time of the writing of the article) $89 and $169 per night for a bed, desk, and a flat screen TV; travelers should not be surprised if bathroom facilities are shared.

The British chain Yotel plans to open a 669-room pod hotel in Times Square possibly by next spring, and Pod Hotel is planning a 2012 opening for a second location in the Grand Central Station area.