NYHTC calls on Gov. Cuomo to support the NY DREAM Act

NYHTC — January 09, 2013





As a union that represents many immigrant New Yorkers, the New York Hotel Trades Council is proud to join the New York DREAM Coalition in calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo to extend the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) to qualified students regardless of their immigration status.

The New York DREAM Coalition, made up of New York labor and community groups, issued a letter on January 7, urging Governor Cuomo to announce support for an expansion of tuition assistance in his State of the State address on January 9.





The proposed legislation would allow undocumented students who graduate from high school or receive GED's in New York State to receive State financial aid through the Tuition Assistance Program. This could help bring college educations to thousands of undocumented students in New York who were brought here as minors and received high school diplomas.

Several other states, including California, Texas and New Mexico, have already passed similar legislation, extending tuition assistance to undocumented students. We believe that New York State should lead the nation in improving the lives and opportunities of immigrants.

Our union has been a leader in the fight for immigrant rights. Our recent industry-wide contract includes many innovative new protections for the immigrant workers in our union. Employers are banned from using work authorization to retaliate against our members for union activity. And unless required by law, the employer cannot re-verify unexpired authorization documents that are facially valid.