NLRB ruling does little to reassure after employer threatens union activist with death

NYHTC — July 16, 2010 has reported that the Matrix Realty Group, a real estate investment company based in Smithtown, NY, was required by the National Labor Relations Board to post a notice in its office complex in Danbury, CT that stated: "We will not threaten to kill you or to cause you bodily harm because you engage in activities in support of SEIU, Local 32BJ."

The company was required to post this message because Glen Nelson, the company's owner, is accused of threatening to kill a former employee who was fighting the unfair termination of 40 union janitors.

It is shameful that the NLRB, the government agency charged with protecting the rights of "any worker who is, or wants to be, part of a union," thought this meager posting was a suitable remedy.