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LeRoys lost Tavern deal, despite highest bid

NYHTC - June 27, 2010 Share/Save/Bookmark

According to Annie Karni in the New York Post, financial documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Law show that the LeRoy family, who had operated Tavern on the Green since 1974, submitted the highest proposed fee payment to the city as part of its bid to operate the famed restaurant for the next 20-year contractual term. Capitale owner Seth Greenberg offered $47 million. Dean Poll, who was initially awarded the lease in August 2009 but has since lost the opportunity to run the restaurant, projected paying $57.3 million, while Jennifer LeRoy offered the city $86 million. In selecting an operator, the city considered more than just the proposed fee payment. Some sources have claimed that the city rejected LeRoy's proposal, despite the high proposed fee payment, because of concerns about her business acumen and a grudge against her father, the late Warner LeRoy. The city is currently drafting a new RFP to operate Tavern on the Green.

Karni, Annie. Mayor said no to $86M Tavern on the Green deal out of 'spite' for LeRoys. New York Post. June 13, 2010.

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