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Boston Hyatt housekeepers ask:  where is our family medical coverage?

NYHTC - November 24, 2009 Share/Save/Bookmark


After Hyatt Hotels received deeply negative media coverage for firing nearly 100 housekeepers in Boston this past August, the company committed to keeping the housekeepers' existing health insurance coverage through March 2010. Now, despite that commitment, housekeepers seeking treatment for their children are being told by health care providers that they do not have family coverage – even though the housekeepers had had it in the past. Hyatt insists there has been no change in coverage, but the housekeepers question that response since a number of them have received new insurance cards showing they now have individual plans, as opposed to the family plans they had had in the past.

Cullen, Kevin. When actions trump words. The Boston Globe, November 16, 2009.

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