2023 NYC General Elections: Be a Deciding Vote!

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We may not be the largest union in New York or New Jersey, but we are among the most politically powerful. That’s because our members show up in big numbers to knock on doors during election season. Politicians see us out there and they know that we can either help mobilize voters for them or against them, and it makes them want to be our ally. With NYC City Council general elections here, it’s time to hit the doors and visit the polls again.

In just the last few years, we’ve used our political power to win some important legislation on a local level including special permits for new hotel development, which makes it harder to build non-union hotels; the hotel worker severance bill, which mandated hotels either re-open or pay laid off employees $500 a week during the pandemic; a worker retention law, which provides all hotel workers with greater protection if a hotel is sold or changes management; and consumer protection laws, which require hotels to notify guests of picket lines before they arrive. These laws have both protected our jobs and strengthened our Union’s position at the bargaining table.

City Council races are often won by small margins, sometimes by as few as 100 votes, meaning our Union can make a real difference. So, get out to the polls to vote for union-backed candidates in your district and sign up to volunteer for a canvassing event by going to our volunteer page.

 November 7th is Election Day!