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Under new Secretary of Labor, new hope for the Labor Dept.
NYHTC, April 5, 2010 - President Barack Obama's Secretary of Labor, former U.S. Representative Hilda Solis, has already succeeded in invigorating and reorienting the Department of Labor to a considerable degree. She has assembled a team of dedicated and effective advocates who have spent their careers protecting workers and their rights. [more...]

Finally, two new members for the NLRB
NYHTC, March 31, 2010 - Among President Barack Obama's 15 recess appointments to various executive branch positions are Craig Becker and Mark Pearce, both of whom were appointed to the National Labor Relations Board. They will fill two of the three long-vacant positions on the board, a development which will enable a large backlog of undecided cases finally to move forward. [more...]

Senate Republicans block confirmation of President Obama’s NLRB nominee
NYHTC, February 16, 2010 - Republican Senators succeeded in blocking a final vote on the appointment of labor lawyer Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board. [more...]

Labor panel is stalled by dispute on nominees
NY Times, January 14, 2010 - A dispute involving Senator John McCain has left the National Labor Relations Board unable to decide its most important cases. [more...]

Republicans oppose President’s Dept. of Labor nominee
Wall Street Journal, October 13, 2009 - Republicans in Congress are blocking President Barack Obama's nominee for the important position of Solicitor in the U.S. Department of Labor. [more...]

New leader of AFL-CIO hammers Wall Street
NY Times & Wall Street Journal, September 21, 2009 - In one of his first acts as the new head of the AFL-CIO, Richard Trumka issued broad warnings to Wall Street's "apostles of greed" that the labor movement was prepared to battle them if they did not change their ways. [more...]

Obama addresses AFL-CIO on Labor Day
MSNBC, September 6, 2009 - The entire eight years former president George W. Bush was in office, unions were systematically shut out of the White House and corporate interests took the reigns of the Department of Labor. [more...]

New labor department to enforce for workers
The Wall Street Journal, August 18, 2009 - Recently appointed Labor Secretary Hilda Solis has been busy these last few months repairing the damage former President George W. Bush and his administration reeked on the nation's labor department. [more...]

Sec. of Labor Hilda R. Solis is first Hispanic woman to serve in cabinet
NY Times, July 5, 2009 - President Barack Obama's appointment of Hilda R. Solis to Secretary of Labor makes her the first Hispanic woman to serve in the cabinet. [more...]

President Obama voices support for hotel workers fighting to unionize
NYHTC, May 21, 2009 - The Indianapolis Star reported this week that President Barack Obama spoke out in support of union organizing drives at several area hotels, and went on to recognize those workers fighting for the union. [more...]

Immigration accord by labor boosts Obama effort
NY Times , April 13, 2009 - The AFL-CIO and Change to Win, the country's two major labor federations, have joined forces to help President Obama overhaul the immigration system. [more...]

In gritty Jersey City, eager immigrants stream to the polls
Feet in Two Worlds, November 3, 2008 - At a fire house in Jersey City, Arab, Filipino, and South Asian voters voted in a steady stream as the early evening fog rolled in. [more...]