College Scholarship Program

Our union’s Scholarship Program was among the hard-won rights that our members went on strike to gain during the historic 1985 contract fight. It is a powerful example of the positive and long lasting impact that past contract victories have on our members and their families. Over its 26-year existence, this 100% employer-funded Scholarship Program has provided our members’ most exceptional children with the financial support necessary to pursue their dreams of a college education. Today we take a look at where past scholarship recipients are now and hear what they have to say about the Scholarship Program, their careers, and their hopes for the future of our union.

The Scholarship Program has come to be a particularly important union benefit, as college tuition and fees have skyrocketed over the past 25 years. Even the increase in the cost of public universities is an insurmountable financial burden for many young people today. All too often the hopeful children of working class Americans have to swallow the burdensome pill of lifelong debt in order to get the college degree they need. Or worse, young people without the financial wherewithal forgo the college degree they dreamed of having. Since the Scholarship Program’s inception in 1985, between 30 and 40 college-bound children of union members have been awarded the $8000 scholarship every year. For many scholarship recipients this money has covered the cost of room and board, the cost of in-state tuition at public universities, or has helped make a private college degree more affordable.

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