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Seniors Days Are at the Health Centers May 9-12

Hotel Voice - May 5, 2017 Share/Save/Bookmark

The annual Seniors’ Days health awareness event will take place at the Health Centers next week, Tuesday, May 9 through Friday, May 12.

Many retired members of our Union who have attended Seniors’ Days in the past have reported that they have found it to be a very beneficial experience. We expect the there will be an equally enthusiastic reaction this year. This popular event will take place over four days — one day in each of the four Health Centers, and no appointments are necessary.

Seniors’ Days will be held on Tuesday, May 9th, at the Midtown Health Center; Wednesday, May 10th, at the Brooklyn Health Center; Thursday, May 11th, at the Harlem Health Center; and Friday, May 12th, at the Queens Health Center.

It’s no secret that staff members at the Health Centers look forward to Seniors’ Days every year. Representatives from the pension and retirement services departments will be on hand. So will representatives from FDNY, who will speak about safety for seniors. Medical, Nursing, Dental, Nutrition, Pharmacy and Physical Therapy staff will all provide brief presentations regarding matters that are directly relevant to the senior population. We should add that Health Center staff members will be distributing free souvenirs at the event.

Like always, a major focus of this year’s Seniors’ Days will be taking care of the health and safety needs of members over age 55 and especially those over age 65. The chief goal of this very special event is to assist seniors in maintaining their maximum level of health, function and independence. Display tables, literature, samples and lectures will be offered on various topics, including:

“Seniors’ Days is a great format for retired members who are eligible to use the Health Centers,” Hotel Trades Council President Peter Ward says. “It’s an outstanding event!”

Seniors’ Days 2017 will not only provide valuable health, safety and benefit information to those who attend, it will once again provide many members with an opportunity to see former co-workers for the first time in quite a while. As always, it promises to be a very special event at each of the Health Centers.

Seniors are asked to remember that they must be eligible to use the Health Centers to participate in Seniors’ Days 2017. Seniors should also remember that they must visit the particular Health Center that they use regularly. Although neither registration nor reservations are necessary, seniors are urged to carefully examine the schedule for Seniors’ Days to make sure that they go to their respective Health Centers on the appropriate date to take advantage of this outstanding health awareness event. Once again, Seniors’ Days 2017 will be held Tuesday, May 9th, at the Midtown Health Center, Wednesday, May 10th, at the Brooklyn Health Center, Thursday, May 11th, at the Harlem Health Center, and Friday, May 12th, at the Queens Health Center.

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