Financial Assistance Request Form

With emergency housing protections coming to an end, the Union has put aside a set amount of funds from our treasury to assist Union-represented workers who are facing dire housing emergencies. If you are currently involuntarily laid off with recall rights and are being evicted from your home or your home is being foreclosed, you can apply for relief from the Union H.E.L.P. Fund using the application below.

The maximum, one-time benefit you can receive is $1,000.00. The payment will be made directly to your creditor or landlord. You must submit your final notice of eviction, eviction warrant, or notice of foreclosure, and your creditor/landlord’s information. Completed applications will be reviewed, and approved, on a first come, first serve basis. We will continue to help Union-represented workers until the funds run out.

As you know the Union has not required laid off members to pay dues during this crisis and, as a result, Union funds are limited. Notwithstanding that fact, we thought it was important to put aside money to help Union-represented workers who find themselves in extreme housing emergencies. If you are not in a dire, emergency situation we ask that you please do not apply.

If you need help applying you can come to the Union office, Monday through Friday 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM, or call 212-245-8100 and ask to speak to Communications Assistant Yasmine Abi-Hanna, extension 2298.

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I understand that Union H.E.L.P. was formed to assist New York Hotel Trades Council members and Local 6 Club Members who are currently unemployed or laid off and have recall rights. I understand that this benefit will be provided only to members who are currently unemployed or laid off and have recall rights.

In consideration of the benefit I may receive from Union H.E.L.P., I certify that I am now unemployed or laid off and have recall rights and I promise that I will not accept any benefits from Union H.E.L.P. while I am employed.

I also understand that the administrators of Union H.E.L.P. may require that I provide proof of my unemployment or economic need in order to receive the benefit and I agree to provide this proof and to allow the administrators to request this proof from any other person, employer, company or government agency. I further agree to hold harmless the administrators of Union H.E.L.P. and/or any individual, group, charity or other organization providing such verification information. I further agree that a photocopy of this attestation shall serve with the same force as the original.