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Here Is the 2018 Health Awareness Events Calendar

Hotel Voice - January 1, 2018 Share/Save/Bookmark

It is not a theory, it is medical fact: People who engage in good nutrition, refrain from smoking, exercise regularly and deal well with stress live longer, happier, and healthier lives.

Yes, we want to emphasize that this is not a theory, it is now an established medical fact! People who eat well, refrain from smoking, get plenty of exercise and deal well with stress end up getting sick far less often than the general population. They require hospitalization far less often than others, too. And they develop fewer diseases and conditions such as CPOD, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, gout and many, many others. In fact, all health experts agree that one of the best ways to lower health care costs in the U.S. is by increasing health awareness. This is an important fact to remember as we announce the Health Centers’ Health Awareness Events Calendar for 2018.

As we all know, the Health Centers’ Health Awareness Events have grown greatly in popularity over the years. With this increasing interest among our membership, it has become a tradition to provide a preview of Health Awareness Events for members around this time of the year, so that everyone knows in advance the dates health and wellness events will take place this year and everyone can plan ahead. We ask members to note that there are some changes this year, including the fact that Men’s Health Week will take place Tuesday, October 2 through Friday, October 5, and Women’s Health Week will take place Tuesday, October 30 through Friday, November 2. Also, Kids’ Days takes place earlier in August in 2018, from Wednesday, August 15 through Friday, August 17.

The value of each of these Health Awareness Events cannot be denied, especially since they are designed specifically for the populations they serve. Each of the 2018 health awareness events can help ensure the future good health of all that attend. Each of these health and wellness fairs provides participants with not only valuable education but also peace of mind. And, as we have learned so often in the past, some of these events can even save lives. Members participating in health aware- ness events in the past learned they had high blood pressure. Early warning signs of cancer have been detected. Smokers and overweight members have been enrolled in programs to help them—adding many years to their lives.

“These special events bring individualized attention to members and their families, and they are an excellent way to put many on the road to good health,” Benefit Fund Chief Executive Officer Dr. Robert Greenspan has said. “These events encourage members to participate personally in achieving better health. It is not an exaggeration to say that those who participate in our annual health awareness events can lead longer, healthier and happier lives.”

With all these good reasons for members and their families to take part in the upcoming 2018 health awareness events, there is one other factor to make attendance convenient and easy: Remember, no appointments are necessary to attend any of the 2018 Health Awareness Events listed in the calendar on this page.

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