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GRIWA Makes a Difference

Hotel Voice - July 1, 2018 Share/Save/Bookmark

A union contract like the GRIWA can really make a difference, a number of workers from the Hyatt Regency Jersey City told Hotel Voice.

Dana Jackson and Wilfredo Flores, two HTC members from that hotel, are excited about their union membership and the beneficial changes it has brought to their lives, the lives of their co-workers and hotel workers’ families throughout the region.

“Before the union contract, we received minuscule wage increases and had a very expensive health plan,” Jackson said. “Now, I have a dramatic increase in take home pay, an affordable comprehensive healthcare plan and a pension! The contract also ensures that my co-workers and I have a seat at the table with management to discuss and resolve issues. Thank you HTC!”

Dana Jackson and Wilfredo Flores, members from the Hyatt Regency Jersey City.

“This new union contract greatly improves the wages, benefits, and protections that we won in the first contract,” Wilfredo Flores told us. “I now have economic security for my family. It has also made this an even better job: there is no more abuse from management and I look forward to coming in to work everyday!”

Other employees who work at the Hyatt Regency Jersey City also shared their thoughts about the new GRIWA.

“The union contract ensures that my family and I have economic stability for now and into the future,” said Betzaida Paredes. Miguel Castillo added, “The union contract means better wages, benefits, and job security, as well as respect on the job.” And Delma Simo said, The new contract not only gives me better wages and benefits it gives me great peace of mind!”

Delma Simo, Miguel Castillo and Yuxi Jimenez, all employees of the Hyatt Regency Jersey City, are seen here with their HTC Business Agent, Nick Ruiz.

Yuxi Jimenez, another employee of the Hyatt Regency Jersey City also expressed her thoughts on the GRIWA. “Thanks to my union for our excellent new contract,” she said. “I now know I have job security, guaranteed low-cost healthcare, and substantial yearly wage increases so I can better plan for my future.”

The comments from Dana Jackson, Wilfredo Flores, Betzaida Paredes, Miguel Castillo, Delma Simo and Yuxi Jiminez have been echoed by many other members throughout the region, a fact that stands as clear evidence of the profound difference the GRIWA has made in the lives of so many hotel workers and their families in Northern New Jersey, the New York City suburbs and the Capital District of New York State.