NYHTC wins accountability for hotel developments in Tribeca

NYHTC — June 27, 2010

As reported in the New York Observer, the New York Hotel Trades Council has scored another political victory in its battle against anti-union hotel developers. According to the article, developers desiring to build a hotel larger than 100 rooms in northern Tribeca are going to have to secure a special permit before proceeding. The new procedure gives the City Council power to veto the special permit's issuance. The article also notes that hotel developers seeking to build in certain other areas of the city will also have to comply with this new special permit requirement.

The permit requirement will enable interested parties, including members of the public, community groups, and organizations like our union to have a say about the development of new hotel projects within any of the specially designated areas, and help ensure that they benefit the community with good, union jobs.

The New York Observer credits the implementation of this procedure to the NYHTC's "increasing power" and "its carefully forged political alliances." It further comments that the union "has become a major force, a fact not lost on any elected official who is weighing legislative or policy requests from Mr. Ward," the NYHTC president.

Despite the restriction this changed process imposes on developers, the steadily increasing number of non-union hotels undeniably remains a serious threat to our union's density. The implementation of the special permit requirement, however, is compelling proof of the importance of our union's political program and of the effectiveness of the thousands of union members who have volunteered their time to work in political campaigns on the city, state, and national levels.