Carl Paladino doesn’t respect his workers or their union

NYHTC — October 31, 2010

A Village Voice article containing facts and findings set out in an NLRB decision will be of particular interest to union members. The decision ordered millionaire business man Carl Paladino to reinstate a union steward he had fired, a woman who worked as a cleaner in one of his many buildings.

According to the Voice article, the NLRB's decision pronounced his testimony in the case to be "'vacillating, contradictory, and inconsistent'" and noted he had "'demonstrated substantial animus towards the union.'" The decision further stated that the fired union member "'was someone who was not afraid to speak up for herself or on behalf of others, and would be likely to challenge Paladino as a shop steward.'"

Robbins, Tom. Carl Paladino, Buffalo Bully: The candidate lets his employees know who's boss. Village Voice. October 6, 2010.