Union Writing Contest

Since 2003, the New York Hotel Trades Council has held an annual writing contest for high school students who have a parent who belongs to our union. Cash prizes are offered for three categories of writing: essay, poetry, and fiction/non-fiction narrative. In addition, one category winner is selected as the best overall entry, and other prizes are awarded for honorable mentions. An impartial committee of judges determines the winners.

Support for the writing contest is provided by the Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation. Donald Rubin is the son of Jay Rubin, who was the first president of the New York Hotel Trades Council and led it for its first 40 years. The writing contest was instituted with a two-fold purpose: to promote creativity among the children of members of our Union, and to reinforce and expand the foundation's central mission, which is to fund innovative efforts to transform society's institutions and to empower individuals to develop their full potential.

Check the print version of the Hotel Voice for updates about scholarships and how to apply.

Donald Rubin on the union's writing contest:

"My wife and I are very pleased to continue sponsoring this competition through the Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation. We strongly believe in the union movement and its members. In addition, we hope that this competition serves as a good way to remember my father's own dedication to organized labor and his decades of service to the Hotel Trades Council and Local 6."