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Workers at the EVEN Midtown, by IHG, Win a Contract

Hotel Voice - March 15, 2017 Share/Save/Bookmark

The Union has won a contract for the workers at the EVEN Midtown Hotel in New York City. The EVEN hotel brand is part of the InterContinental Group of hotels, which owns the InterContinental Barclay and InterContinental Times Square, among others. The employees won HTC representation through a card count certification conducted at the Office of the Impartial Chairperson. On March 6, 2017, the HTC-represented employees unanimously ratified the contract, which greatly increases their hourly wage rate and provides free family health care. Their contract, which is the IWA, covers nearly 30,000 workers in New York City. "This is the third EVEN hotel, by IHG, to sign onto the IWA in the last few months, said Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Richard Maroko. Maroko continued, "HTC welcomes these employees into our union."

HTC Grievance Manager Joseph Messineo explains the terms of the contract and the importance of wearing union buttons at the workplace.