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Women’s Health Week Draws More than 5,000 Visitors

Hotel Voice - November 14, 2016 Share/Save/Bookmark

Dr. Emmanuella Paul discusses Women’s Health Week with Caroline Morales, River Club.

The Health Centers had a total of 5,263 visits for Women’s Health Week 2016, exceeding last year’s total. Women who visited any of the Health and Dental Centers for Women’s Health Week 2016 did not need an appointment to be able to receive testing and an exam that allowed doctors to detect early signs of cancer: beast, cervical, skin, colon-rectal, and oral. In conjunction with a focus on heart health and exercise, tests were also provided to measure members’ blood pressure, cholesterol levels, as well as other health indicators. As always, information was provided on a number of other health issues that are specific to women, including menopause, infertility, osteoporosis, family planning and certain infectious diseases. Members could also get flu shots, which, we should add, remain available to all members and their families at the Health Centers without appointments being necessary.

“The outstanding attendance at this year’s Women’s Health Week is a clear indication that more and more members recognize the importance of early detection of certain conditions,” said Dr. Robert Greenspan, the Chief Executive Officer of the Benefit Funds. “Screening, testing and health education are some of the valuable services of Women’s Health Week and I’m glad more than 5,000 members took advantage of it.”

The theme for this year’s Women’s Health Week was “Relax Your Mind, Strengthen Your Body,” and the event focused on ways to reduce stress. As those who attended learned quite well, one of the best ways to reduce stress is exercise. And, yes, eating right can also reduce stress as well as one’s risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, stroke, etc. In addition, a healthy diet and regular exercise can also reduce the risk of various forms of cancer. The advice given to all who attended Women’s Health Week 2016 was to stay active. As examples, a simple activity such as walking every day can greatly lower one’s chances of a heart attack or cancer.

Brochures and demonstrations were also available on how to lose weight and stop smoking. Our Health Centers have been recognized by the New York City Department of Health for their excellence in helping members quit smoking. It was explained that group sessions and prescription medications are available to assist members in giving up smoking, one of the most unhealthy habits anyone can have.

Considering the theme of this year’s Women’s Health Week we are happy to say it is clear that the event gave many members who attended great peace of mind. After all, getting a clean bill of health always makes one feel good and that’s exactly what the vast majority of this year’s visitors to the Health and Dental Centers for Women’s Health Week ended up receiving.

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